Mozait – Pure Water

Like a work of Mosaic art, pieces come together and form a beautiful and unique sound – a composition of shape and colour.

Mozait consists of 5 musicians: Neco Novellas, Marco Bachi, Paolo Sodini, Filippo Guerrieri and Piero Perelli.

Created in Italy Tuscany/Lucca during the year 2013

The first recordings of the Cd were taken in Italy where the musicians recorded all the instrumental composition, and after nearly a year of work the band is excited to announce the release of their debut album and start touring world wide.
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Prudo & Davide Squillace – Sweet Love

Title: Sweet Love

After a triumphant maiden voyage, Alfa Romero are back on the road again to continue their trip across the electronic music landscape. The map has been left behind once again, but it’s never been about where they are heading more than how they get there. Riding up top this time, is Alfa Romero’s very own Prudo alongside fellow Italian and much lauded producer Davide Squillace. Their collaborative effort is a combination of what both men do best; providing sheer dancefloor fodder with a trunk load of personality. The remix comes from the extremely talented German, Patrick Lindsey who turns in a deliciously wild rework on the flip.

Davide Squillace and Prudo get straight into the swing of things with ‘Sweet Love’ building the track around a deep, sweeping bassline and rhythmic but tight beats. Cuban born American raised singer/songwriter Patrix Duenas brings his diverse palette to the table with a sleazy yet soulful vocal performance that adds a real sense of funk to the track. Playful, but aimed squarely on the dancefloor, ‘Sweet Love’ is a perfect addition to Alfa Romero’s bodywork.

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