Logo E8REven Eights Records is a publishing company, founded in December 2006 by the trumpet player Andrea Guzzoletti. From Ferbuary 2007 the company has a tight cooperation with two very well known musicians: the pianist Stefano Onorati and the guitarist Roberto Cecchetto. The main objective for Even Eights Records is to publish either singly or as a collaboration these three main musicians but the company also collaborates with artists of other musical backgrounds ranging from dance music, jazz, electronic or even pure experimental. Even Eights Records has already published more than 500 tracks from various DJs. It also has a video branch of its operations, which has already published, in-house video for companies such as Iveco. Their work also includes compositions and soundtracks for all kinds of video in general. To sum up it is the young, fresh publishing company with an eye on new tendencies and needs of the musical market.