Mozait – Pure Water

Like a work of Mosaic art, pieces come together and form a beautiful and unique sound – a composition of shape and colour.

Mozait consists of 5 musicians: Neco Novellas, Marco Bachi, Paolo Sodini, Filippo Guerrieri and Piero Perelli.

Created in Italy Tuscany/Lucca during the year 2013

The first recordings of the Cd were taken in Italy where the musicians recorded all the instrumental composition, and after nearly a year of work the band is excited to announce the release of their debut album and start touring world wide.

Neco plays, sings and composes all the vocals and participates in the co-arrangement of the tracks with the producer of the Cd, Filippo. Neco’s velvet baratone vocals were the last element missing and was what completed the MOZAIT sound.
Neco Novellas is a singer, musician from Mozambique residing in the Netherlands, who travelled to Lucca-Italy to join the band for recordings and play live concerts.
The band name Mozait was given to this group after the first meeting with Neco, where they started the final arrangement of the compositions and recorded his vocals.

One of the most integral factors of this band is that all musicians are very passionate and dedicated in making honest and good music.

The recordings are all taken live with Fillipo at the helm of the desk – a fanatic for audio quality and sound manipulation…..

The album Pure Water is flavored by a unique use of analog instrumentation and effects – by the machines that have shaped the history of music from the 50’s to 90’s, before the advent of digital sonics. Thanks to the valuable private collection of the producer artistic Filippo Guerrieri it was possible to use: synthesizers, amplifier tube, spring reverbs, tape delay and many other tools that have characterized the
MOZAIT sound.

Pure Water is a journey that takes the listener deep into a world of different sounds and musical styles. Like any great and ground breaking creation this work has its influences and points of reference that trace back to other great artists who have written and continue to write the history of music: Joe Zawinul, Richard Bona, Bob Marley, Jeff Beck, Ben Harper and many others.
These colours form the pallet which Mozait uses to express and accomplish its main objective – to seek fulfilment and pleasure through the creation original music.

The band also prides itself in its collaborations with world artists: Daniele Silvestri, Paola Turci, Patty Pravo, Annie Lennox, Eddy Martin, Nour Eddine, Dana Fuchs, Bandabardò, Michael Allen, Mia Cooper.

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